Request/Response API

The service employs an application program interface (API) to process the request and to return the specified data. 

HTTP Method

Service Endpoint


The request must include the username and password provided by Clarivate Analytics. If you want to obtain credentials, or if the credentials you have do not work, please contact the Global Customer Support Center.

The API request specifies the data you want to obtain and the article(s) or journals for which you want matching data. The response returns the requested data.

Follow these guidelines in determining whether to make multiple requests:

  • For Web of Science Core Collection or Data Citation Index, a single request may specify up to 50 different articles. 
  • For Journal Citation Reports, a single request may specify up to 50 different journals. One request may also specify different publication years of the same journal.
  • You must submit a separate request for data from each databases: Web of Science Core Collection, Data Citation Index or Journal Citation Reports.
  • If you want the same data elements for multiple articles, you may submit a single request. For example, if you want both DOIs and Times Cited counts for 25 articles, only one request is needed.
  • You must make separate requests if you want different data for different articles. For example, if you want to obtain DOIs for some articles and Times Cited counts for other articles, you must submit two separate requests.