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Save to EndNote Desktop

This feature allow you to export selected records to your desktop version of EndNote. You can also use this feature to export records to Reference Manager.

  1. Select the records that you want to output. Your options include: 1) All Records in this list (up to 500 records); 2) All Records on page or 3) a range of records (for example, 1 to 15).

  2. Optionally, remove any records that you do not want to export by clicking the Remove Record button to the left of a record.

  3. Select the field information that you want to include in the output. Default fields are highlighted.

  4. Select EndNote desktop to launch the export application.

  5. If you have installed more than one reference program, then you will be prompted to select a program before you can select a reference library.

  6. Open a reference library when the Select a Reference Library dialog box appears. As soon as you do this, the records are exported.
Save to Endnote OnlineResearchSoft Direct Export Helper