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Cited References

The number of cited references shown on the full record page is the number of references in the article's reference list. Click the number to view the full reference list.

Cited References List

Each cited reference that is also a source article is linked to a full record. If the title of the article is linked, then the full record is in Web of Science Core Collection. If the title is not linked, but another link, view record in (product name), is shown, then the full record is in the specified product database.

If a reference is not linked to a full record:

Print, E-Mail and Save Cited References

You may print, e-mail and save records from the Cited References list. These operations work exactly as they do from a results list. In brief:

  1. Select the records you wish to print, e-mail or save.
  2. Select the output operations.

From a list of cited references, output operations cannot be performed on cited references that have no corresponding full records. However, you can print, e-mail or save a complete reference list by following these steps:

  1. Add the citing article (the parent record) to the Marked List.
  2. Go to the Marked List.
  3. Go to the section of the Marked List that identifies the source database.
  4. In Step 2, select Cited References along with other fields.
  5. When you print, e-mail or save the record, the full list of references will be included in the output.
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