Attribute Types

Used for string attribute in Converis. No additional processing is done before export to Eprints.

In case the attribute in Converis can contain html or html entities. The Eprints exporter converts these to plaintext before export to Eprints.

Choice Group
In case the attribute is a choicegroup in Converis we sometimes want to map the choicegroupvalues to Eprints choicegroupvalues. This is also done in ir-config.xml. The following snippet maps the publication type of Converis to Eprints publication type.

1. <choicegroup name="publication type">
2.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Journal article">Journal article</choicegr oupvalue>
3.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Authored book">Authored book</choicegroupv
4.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Chapter in book">Chapter in book</choicegr oupvalue>
5.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Edited collections">Edited collections</ch oicegroupvalue>
6.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Conference contribution">Conference contri
7.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Exhibition">Exhibition</choicegroupvalue>

8.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Performance">Performance</choicegroupvalue
9.    <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Musical Composition/Choreography/Art direc tion">Musical 
Composition/Choreography/Art direction</choicegroupvalue>
10.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Digital and visual media">Artefact</ choicegroupvalue>
11.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Design">Design</choicegroupvalue>
12.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Device or product">Device or product
13.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Research dataset / database">Researc h dataset / 
14.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Software">Software</choicegroupvalue
15.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Research report (for external body)"
>Research report (for external body)</choicegroupvalue>
16.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Patent">Patent</choicegroupvalue>
17.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Thesis">Thesis</choicegroupvalue>
18.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Working paper">Working paper</choice groupvalue>
19.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Scholarly edition">Scholarly edition
20.         <choicegroupvalue converisvalue="Other form of assessable output">Oth
er form of assessable output</choicegroupvalue>
21.         <default>Journal article</default>
22.     </choicegroup>

In case the choicegroupmapping does not exist for a mapped choicegroup attribute Converis will export the values as they are configured in Converis.

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