Adapting Research Portal CSS Styles

  • Download the actual CSS file "publicweb.css" of an up-to-date research portal
  • Apply your changes to the file
  • If you take the file of another portal you have to adapt the root path of the file
    • Example: {background:url('/converis5-standard/clientspecific/images/client/print_header.jpg')
    • Here you have to adapt the part "converis5-standard" for all images
    • You can easily do this by find and replace
  • Delete the already uploaded CSS file "publicweb.css"
  • Upload the updated publicweb.css file
  • Here name of the CSS file must be publicweb.css, otherwise the file cannot be uploaded
  • While uploading this CSS file, make sure that all the existing styles are presented in the uploading css file otherwise the research portal will lose its styles and the entire pages layout

Summary of details

  • While uploading images or a CSS file, file names and types must be matched otherwise system cannot know that which image or CSS file need to be changed.
  • While uploading the images, use the exact image size of the already existing image.
  • While uploading CSS file, always make sure that styles have been changed properly and other styles are not affected.

Logo on Login-Screens
The logos which are displayed on the login screens can also be uploaded within the administration module.

Logo for Admin login page

  • Go to administration module >> Research portal >> Files
  • Upload the file admin-login_logo.png
  • Image size: 268 x 90 px

Logo for LDAP Login page (= Client logo)

  • Go to Administration >> LDAP Login
  • Upload the file client-login_logo.png
  • Image size: 268 x 90 px


  • Go to administration module >> Research portal >> Files
  • Upload the file favicon.png
  • Recommended image size: 16 x 16 px..

PDF export

  • Go to administration module >> Research portal >> Files
  • Upload the file pdf_header.png
  • Recommended image size: 640 x 60 px.
  • Resolution: 300 DPI

See Labels and filter for Public web.


Here you can upload the images and CSS file that should be used for the Research portal.
See for the different images. See C5 Research portal V2 TF.pptx for details.
you can also find the related documentation from the file Publicweb_configuration_V1__Doc.docx

Multi language support for Header image
Here you can provide multi language support for header image in research portal.

  • Now we have three header images named like “header_xx.png”. Example:For GERMAN language, header image name should like header_DE.png
  • These files are changed according to the language.
  • We can also upload these images in research portal module in Administration. Go to administration module >> Research portal >> Files

Latest Entities Widgets
The option to configure the Latest entities widgets at the Start page was re-introduced with improved UX. It is possible to configure number, type and order of the Latest entities widgets.

To do so, go to page Administration > Research Portal

  1. Select tab “Latest widget”
  2. A list displays the entity types for which currently widgets are provided
  3. To select a new entity type which should be displayed at the start page, click “Add new”
  4. To change the order in which the widgets are displayed, click the edit icon

1. On the opened page you can select the entity type and its sequence
2. For improved UX, direct user feedback is given if the entity type cannot be displayed in the Research portal

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