List View

The List View is the main starting point for interacting with and managing information related to your account. Clicking on any of the desired information types in the left navigation bar will take you to the list page related to that activity. 

The list view shows publications along with the following information:

  • Information displayed in the publication list view (default view):
    • Key information such as title, authors, publication year, publication type and additional information such as volume number of journal.
    • Number of citations in Web of Science, and Percentile information.
  • An expanded view of the publication. It will contain additional information, such as the abstract of the publication, if available. It can be viewed by clicking the arrow next to the publication title
  • Status information. The status of a publication is spelled out next to the flag.
  • Browse/Open control. To bring up the Browse/Open popup menu, click the small arrow at the right hand side. This facilitates accessing the Browse view of the publication, as well as opening the edit form.

Above the list of publications, there is a tool bar that includes icons for bulk actions. These actions can be executed on several list entries at the same time.

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