The Converis Dashboard

The dashboard, where you first start when signing in, provides an overview of your personal information as well as jump points to the different workflows of the system.

The following main areas appear on your dashboard:

  • Personal Information - Provides contact details as well as a summary of publication metrics.
  • Things To Do -  Notifies you when you have items still in draft status that require attention. Clicking on the arrow next to each call to action will unfold the list of items that require attention. Clicking on any item listed will take you directly to the editor, allowing you to make updates or any changes.  You can view all items in a specific category by clicking View All
  • Recently Edited -  Lists items in your account you have recently updated or changed. 
  • Charts -  Graphs for Publications per type and Publications per year are included in this section for visual analysis of your publication history.
  • Navigation. The main navigation can be found on the left side of the page. From here you can access each of the different workflows in the system. 

Users in the Researcher role can Generate a CV from the dashboard, while a user in an organizational role may have access to the advanced analytics tool from their dashboard. 

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