New Project Application

Each New Project Application consists of an editor that includes a series of tabs that contain the various types of information required by your institution when submitting a project application. Typical tabs include Key Information, Funding Details, Applicants, and Approval and vary by the type of project. Tabs that include required fields of information will be denoted by the appearance of an asterisk * in the title. Some new project applications will include tabs containing optional fields of information not required for approval.
Get started on your new project application:

  1. Fill in information for each required field in each of the tabs.
  2. Click Save to save you progress to date or click Save & Close exit the application and update its status.

Set New Project Application Status

Updating a new project application's status allows you to mark whether the application is still In Preparation or it is complete and ready to move through the approval process by selecting For Approval from Department Head. The new project application will appear in your Project Applications list view with its corresponding status.

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