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The Browse view of any record in the system can be accessed by clicking a title in the list view or in your search results. This page includes additional information about the record, as well as related links out of the application and features such as editing, requesting a change, claiming the record as your work or creating a PDF that you can download to your desktop. 


Clicking on Edit, where visible, allows you to make any necessary changes to the record you are reviewing. The editor will open in which you can make changes to information in any of the available tabs. Once finished, click Save to save the changes you are working on or Save & Close when you are finished editing the record. 

Create a PDF

The Create PDF feature on the browse page allows you to download to your desktop a PDF file of the information you are looking at. Simply click on Create PDF and the file will download automatically. 

Requesting a Change

This feature enables you to request a change to a record to which you do not have permission to edit. Click Request change and include in the window that appears information about the change you would like to have made and click Send when finished. Your request will be sent to an admistrator who can make the change or enable you to make the change yourself. 

Claiming a Record

The Claim feature in Converis allows you to associate yourself to a record in the system, such as claiming authorship of a publication and relating a work affiliation to it. Claiming a record is dependent on validation and acceptance from an authority at your institution. The Claim feature is found in the upper right  corner of the browse page. 

Click Claim to get started. 

  1. A modal will appear summarizing the record you wish to claim, and the work affiliation that should be attached to it. If you have several work affiliations in the system, select the one most approrpriate. 
  2. Click Save.

Once you have saved your claim, you will receive notification as to whether or not it has been registered*. When the claimed record has been accepted, you will receive a notication and it will appear in the list view for the relevant activity, such as your publications list. 

*If your claim fails to register, it might do so for the following reasons:

  • You have already claimed the record for the selected work affiliation.
  • It has already been accepted.
  • You have exceeded the maximum amount of allowed related work affiliations. 
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