New Tasks

Each New Task consists of a Key Information tab that includes required fields of information and scheduled dates of completion. Through the tasks feature you can create and assign tasks, as well as set email reminders to be delivered to the task assignee at a specific date. Related documents can also be attached when creating a task.

Get started on your new task:

  1. Fill in information for each required field in each of the tabs.
  2. Click Save to save you progress to date or click Save & Close exit the funding opportunity and update its status.

Once you have created a task it will appear in the Task List View of the assignee and they will receive notification that they have been assigned a new task.

Set New Task Status

Updating a new task's status allows you to mark whether the task is Incomplete, Planned, or Finished.  The new task will appear in your Task list view with its corresponding status, as well as the list view of the task assignee.

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