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The Left Navigation bar and the options that appear are dependent on your user role and permissions.

The information types below represent what a typical person with a Researcher role might see when logged into Converis. 

Select one of the following menu options to view a list of activities or other information related to you. If a list is empty, use the Add New Content control in the upper right corner to populate the list.

Research Output

Your publications are listed under Research Output. You may add publications to this list or you may import publication data from external sources.

Award Management

Project Ideas - Where you start tracking ideas for future projects. 

Project Applications - Create your project applications to begin the workflow process with your administration. 

Projects - Track and monitor your active projects.

Funding Opportunities - Document identified funding sources related to existing and future projects. 

Tasks - Track project related tasks assigned to you. 

Person Data

Work Affiliations lists the department or office affiliations you have held at your current institution. Minimally, it should identify the name of your current department or administrative unit and the title you now hold.

CV Activities identifies any experience or achievement suitable for inclusion on your curriculum vitae, including work history, education, and professional memberships.


You will receive a notification when:

  • You have been added to a publication as an author
  • A project deadline is imminent
  • Your system administrator has issued an update about Converis


To reach the Statistics page, click the menu item Statistics.On the Statistics page, you see the statistics tiles that are also included in your Dashboard and Profile.

The statistics provide a quick overview of your publications over time (Publications per year) and to their type (Publications per type). To configure the year range to be observed for calculating and displaying both types of statistics, use the both drop down menus in the right upper corner.

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