Editing Publication Information

A central component of your profile is your publication and research output list. 

It is useful to validate this data by checking for any omissions or errors. In particular, you will want to attach it to the correct organization, and to the correct affiliation in your list of Work Affiliations. For example, you might have written a paper while you were holding a position at a different department in your current institution, or your work originated while you were working at a different organization. Ensuring this data is correct helps you and your organization to create detailed, accurate reports. 

If you find omissions or imperfections in your publication data provided by Web of Science, you can edit the data by selecting the publication and changing the incorrect information within the Key Information , Thematic Classification or other available tabs that contain bibliographic information. Changes on the fields Title, Abstract, Authors and Address will be automatically forwarded to Web of Science for amendment. You only need to save the changes. Your publications will be included into the CVs you generate.

To edit publication details:

  • Open the Publications list view via the Left Global Navigation
  • In the list, navigate to the record you would like to edit
  • Click on the record
  • An edit page opens

As illustrated below, the information is structured into two sections, represented as tabs:

  • Key Information
  • Thematic Classification
  • (The Performance Indicators were located to the Browse page of the record and as such are visible to other users of the same organization, or by opening the browse page of the respective publication in the list of publications.)
  • You may choose to add any additional information that will not overwrite existing Web of Science information related to your publications in the Full-Text & Notes tab.
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