Thematic Classification

The Thematic Classification tab allows you to provide the following information*:

Web of Science Subject Categories

These categories are imported from Web of Science and cannot be changed.


Enter keywords in the text box.

To save the data in the form and continue editing it later, click Save. To leave the form, click Save & close. In the Set status popup, select the appropriate state for your publication record if necessary.

You will only have to set a status for publications you create manually, not for imported publications. In this case, the following states are available:

  1. Draft. Publications in Draft state are not included in reports and CVs. They are displayed as "N waiting for completion" on the dashboard of the researcher. Note that mandatory fields are not checked when saving as a Draft. Make sure that you do not remove any key information, in particular your work affiliation.
  2.  Publications which have been created manually cannot be transferred to the status "Web of Science publication, only to the status Publication (manually created). These publications will be included in CVs and reports.

Note: As a researcher or authority, you can never actively set the state Web of Science publication.

*Some fields may not appear depending on your institution's configuration. 

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