About Converis

Converis supports the complete research lifecycle, from an initial idea for project applications and projects to their results and innovation. This provides important benefits to the key stakeholders along the research lifecycle, including researchers, graduate students, administrators and managers (e.g. Research Office, Library and Graduate School) and for different organizational units.

For all Converis implementations, the key benefits include the following three customizable areas, based on the organization’s priorities:

  • Improved Reporting. Reports with the relevant indicators, charts and tables for internal and external purposes can be generated in Converis based on live data at any point in time, and for every level of the organization, from principal investigators managing their individual projects; to unit managers; to top-level management for the whole organization. Reports share a common framework and common components. The reporting can be customized to satisfy in-house structure and formatting conventions.

  • Increased visibility & accessibility. The research profiles, activities and results can be made available by Converis over the web, through CVs and reports. This provides for increased transparency and facilitates the initiation of new collaborations both internally and with external parties. And a raised public profile also contributes to attracting new staff and students. Additionally, now hundreds or even thousands of stakeholders can create and share information by following a shared workflow and reporting protocol.

  • Improved workflows. A single system replaces myriad, incompatible database and document-management tools. Work that was previously done on paper, through email or in various legacy systems is managed in a systematic way through structured workflows in Converis, either through direct input or through integration with internal and external systems, to cost-efficiently reuse information and release the users from administrative work. This turns Converis into a central communication tool, where all relevant information is at hand for the involved stakeholders.