Uploading Publications to ORCID

Publications that have been validated in Converis will automatically be uploaded to ORCID if your Converis account and your ORCID account have been connected.

Connecting Converis to ORCID

You must initialize the connection between your Converis account and your ORCID account. Your system administrator cannot do so on your behalf. This is necessary in order to protect your privacy and ensure the integrity of the data you upload to ORCID. To establish the connection: 

  1. Go to My Settings and scroll down to ORCID Settings
  2. Click the button Connect to your ORCID account.

This simple operation sends a token to ORCID and establishes the connection. The connection will be automatically activated whenever you log in to Converis.

Verifying the Connection

To verify that the accounts have been connected, go to My Settings and scroll down to ORCID Settings. You should see:


Connection is valid until: [Expiration timestamp]

If you do not have an ORCID account, you may create one by clicking Connect to your ORCID account at the bottom of My Settings and complete the ORCID registration. 

Note: Once publications are uploaded to ORCID, any changes you make to the publication record in Converis will not automatically carry over to the record in ORCID. You must log into ORCID to update or edit the publication record there.