Benchmarking & Analytics: Collect and Analyze the Data You Need

InCites Analytics provides access to the People, Organizations, Regions, Research Areas, Journals, Books, Conference Proceedings and Funding Agencies that define the InCites dataset. By utilizing new features, focus on one area at a time to understand the research activities at an organization. Transform the resulting information into dynamic visualizations and data tables captured on the Tiles used to build the custom reports that help you make informed decisions and support strategic initiatives. 

Explore Data

InCites provides you with the means to gather and analyze the data that best suits your needs, with multiple visualization types that communicate effectively the information you have collected. Utilize filters to extract information from the InCites dataset, then search and select from relevant results in the data table to create a peer set by pinning. Easily expand your selected visualization type to include the desired number of results and toggle between indicators to create a thoroughly customized view of your data. 

Set Benchmarks

Benchmarks help you see how the information for the performance indicators selected compares against calculated totals. Baselines consider all documents in a given set and generate ad hoc indicators based on the document set. A thorough discussion of baselines can be found in the Indicators Handbook

Create Tiles and Build Custom Reports

Indicator Tiles provide the building blocks of all analysis and reporting, graphically displaying a single value, calculation or an index. It is easily readable, configurable and flexible. Not only does it provide a focused interface, each Tile retains a record of the filters used to create it and has an interactive property that enables you to drill deeper to see the story behind the numbers. Create those Tiles that are most important to you and collect them on your Dashboard where you can share them with colleagues or save them to your custom Reports. Easily edit and make changes to your existing tiles and save them as a copy to leverage existing work and generate customized information with minimal effort.

Access InCites System Reports

InCites System Reports hosts collections of tiles that help organizations evaluate research output and impact track collaboration frequency. These tiles can also be added to custom Reports.