InCites System Reports

System Reports are designed to meet essential questions an organization might face: 

  1. How is my organization performing in terms of research output and impact? 
  2. Who is my organization collaborating with most frequently and are those relationships producing quality research?
  3. Where are our researchers publishing? What journals are they citing? And what journals are citing us?

Research Performance and Collaborations reports help provide the answers to these three questions.  Institution Profiles incorporate information from the Profiles Project to build reports that present details on a wide array of indicators such as faculty and student body size, degrees awarded, teaching and research reputation, funding, citation measures and more. The Local Journal Utilization Report enables institutions to identify the journals in which their researchers publish, as well as those publications researchers at the institution cite, or are cited by. 

System Report tiles can also be annotated and added to the custom reports you create. Annotations for Local Journal Utilization Reports are pre-populated, informing you about the data at which you are looking.