Save Tiles to a Report

As you create tiles or select tiles from the InCites System Reports, you can save them to reports established in My Folders. 

To save a tile a specific report:

  1. Add a title to the tile.
  2. From the Save To drop-down menu, find the report to which you would like to save from the available folders. 
  3. Click Create

The tile will be added and saved to the specified report and accessible within My Folders

Save System Reports Tiles to the Dashboard or a Report

System Reports Tiles can saved to your Dashboard or to existing reports.

To save System Reports Tiles:

  1. Click the  icon on the tile.
  2. Select Save a Copy from the dropdown that appears.   
  3. Choose a location to save the file from the Dashboard or available Reports
  4. Click Save.

The System Report Tile is saved to the specified location.