The Dashboard provides you with a fresh canvas on which to arrange and present the tiles you have created in order to organize the information most relevant to you. By arranging tiles you can tell a single story or create a report that captures the scope of your analysis. Change the order of your tiles by simply clicking Edit, and drag and drop to your prefence. You can also expand the number of columns in the layout by clicking the  icon, and choose between 2, 3, 4, and 5 columns. 

Tiles can be sent to the Dashboard from both InCites System Reports and the Explorer. 

Click the  icon on any tile to see the information that sits behind it. From the options that appear, View Data to return to that tile's Explore Report Builder view; Save a Copy to save the tile to another report; and Rename or Delete the tile.

Share your Dashboard with other InCites users, so they can view your work and see updates to your analysis as you make them.