Getting Started

Explore Data. Create Tiles. Save & Share

The new features of InCites allow you to create a customized view of the InCites dataset by utilizing the Analytics Explorer, a single-page toolkit for analyzing InCites data and creating tiles, the vehicle for delivering visualized data, to your dashboard, or sharing with colleagues. Create reports to which you can include tiles, and save your reports in folders that can be accessed at any time. 

The Explorer consists of six Master Tiles, each providing a different view of the InCites dataset, and enabling you to direct the focus of your analysis by People, Organizations, Regions, Research Areas, Journals, Books, Conference Proceedings, and Funding Agencies.

In addition, several InCites System Reports are available to supplement the information you gather from the main tiles.

Analytics Home Page Example

Getting Started will walk you through the workflow of the Explorer for the Master Tiles, creating a customized view of the InCites dataset, and capturing that view with an accompanying visualization to create unique tiles that you can save to your Dashboard, a report, or to share with others. In addition, we will set up folders in which to save our reports. 

The remainder of the InCites Help documentation provides further detail for each component of the Explorer, as well as numerous use cases that allow you to view how the different Master Tiles can be customized to create meaningful, insightful tiles that can be used as building blocks for reports.