Create Tiles

Once you have narrowed your focus and discovered the information that best fits your needs, InCites enables you to capture that data and an accompanying visualization by creating a Tile. 

In Explore Data, we selected a series of Filters that yielded data on the top Research Areas that involved US researchers collaborating with researchers from China, ranked by Web of Science Documents

 To capture this data as a tile:

  1. Select and Pin Data  - the top ten research areas have been selected and pinned. 
  2. Choose a Visualization - select the visualization type that best conveys your data. Collaborations has been chosen for this example
  3. Arrange by Indicator - the results for our visualization have been ordered by Web of Science Documents.

Our Master Tile has now been customized so we can view the top Research Areas in which researchers in the USA and China have collaborated, ranked per the data by Web of Science Documents and visually by Web of Science Documents

Create tiles example

From this, we can create out own unique Tile and save it to a report we have already created. 

  1. Click Save on the Master Tile page. 
  2. Add a Title on the pop-up that appears. 
  3. From the Save To drop-down, select a report from the folders that appear.
  4. Click Create

Our newly created Tile can now be found in the Report to which we have added it. All reports are located within My Folders, located on the Analytics home page. By default, the first report you create can be found within the My Items folder.