Explore Data

Exploring the InCites dataset is the first step in delivering the visualized data that helps you understand the global research landscape and support strategic decision making.

Select a Master Tile from the Explorer that provides the view of the InCites dataset you wish to analyze. 

Explore Data by following these steps:

  1. Apply Filters  - Use the filter panel to identify the attributes by which you wish to discover data. 
  2. Pin Results and Benchmarks - pick and choose items from the results list to create a peer group to compare to each other as well as calculated benchmarks.
  3. Choose Indicators and Visualizations - rank your results by a specific Indicator and select a visualization that best conveys the information. 

In the below example, we've applied Filters to give us a view of People in which researchers at the University of Delaware have collaborated with researchers in China. The results have been ranked by Times Cited. 

Explore Data Example