% of Industry Collaborations

An industry collaborative publication is one that lists its organization type as “corporate” for one or more of the co-author’s affiliations.

The % of Industry Collaborations is the number of industry collaborative publications for an entity (as described above) divided by the total number of documents for the same entity represented as a percentage.

Note: It is not possible to unify the data for every single affiliation of all the publications in InCites, therefore only those entities that have been unified will have an organization type. There will be corporate affiliations that have not yet been unified, will not have an organization type and therefore will not be identified as an industrial collaboration. Clarivate Analytics has made considerable efforts to identify the largest corporations and unify them; however, this tends to focus on large multinational corporations and may lead to regional bias. In the future, as more organizations are unified, the number of industry collaborative papers is expected to increase.