Filters available on the Journals By Rank page serve the interest of a range of users, from scholars and librarians to publishers, enabling customized journal relationship visualization. Publishers may see how their journals relate to competing titles, librarians might monitor the strength of their holdings, and authors might see how the journals in which they publish rank against others. The table below details each filter that can be applied. 



Compare Journals

Redirects you to the Compare Journals page where you can perform either a Quartile or Trends comparison for the journals you've selected. 

View Title Changes

View the list of journal title changes occurring in the past two years (that is, the JCR year and the preceding year). The list is in alphabetical order by journal title. 

Select Journals

Allows you to search for journals of your choosing. Once you've located a desired journal, clicking on it will add it to the larger box below the search bar. 

Select Categories

Choose one or more subject categories from the pop-up by double clicking a desired category and adding it to the list. 

Select JCR Year

Select the JCR year for which you'd like information. 

Select Edition

Choose between Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and/or Social Science Citation Index (SSCI)

Open Access

See those journals that are listed as Open Access 

Category Schema

Select from Web of Science (WoS) or Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Influences the Subject Categories from which the user may choose within the Select Categories pop-up.

JIF Quartile

Allows users to see those journals that fall within the selected Quartile by Journal Impact Factor in a subject category

Select Publisher

Provides users with a search feature within the pop-up to locate and add publishers to a list for which they wish to see journals. 

Select Country/Region

Enables searching of country/region of publication for journals.

Impact Factor Range

Find journals that fall within a selected Impact Factor range. Choose a starting and ending value from the drop-downs

Average JIF Percentile Range

Find journals that fall within a selected Average Impact Factor Percentile range. Choose a starting and ending value from the drop-downs.