Journal Information

Complete journal records can be found in the Journal Information tab found at the bottom of each journal profile page. Information related to the journal's frequency, publisher, location as well as other criteria relevant to users can be found within this field. 

Journal Source Data

The Source Data Table shows the number of citable items in the the JCR year. Citable items are further divided into articles (that is, research articles) and reviews.

An item is classified as a review if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • it cites more than 100 references
  • it appears in a review publication or a review section of a journal
  • the word review or overview appears in its title
  • the abstract states that it is a review or survey

Other items include editorials, letters, news items, and meeting abstracts. These items are not counted in JCR calculations because they are not generally cited. Data in this column are available only in JCR 2012 and subsequent years.

The table also shows the number of references cited by the articles and reviews in the JCR year. The ratio of references to citable items indicates the average number of references cited by an article or review. The Percentage of citable items indicates the number of documents published in the journal that were included in the Journal Impact Factor calculation. The Percentage of Cited References indicates the percentage of references (outgoing cited references) that are citable items, showing the amount of scholarly content that a journal references.

The Combined Citable Items total provides a hyperlink that takes you to the Document List Page, where information on document items used to calculate the metrics for that year are detailed. On occasion, where journal unification (one or more journals is associated with a parent title for the purposes of JCR indicator calculation) has been applied or changed, the Document List Page count will not match the Combined Citable Item count. As journal unifications are not visible in Web of Science and this is the first time we are providing these links, we expect some variances. We will continue to work toward transparency and are working on the process to synchronize these data in future updates.