Journal Relationships

The Journal Relationships visualization displays the citing or cited data relationships between the parent journal and the top twenty journals in its network. On the diagram, the top twenty cited or citing journals are displayed as arcs on the circle. The size of each arc is indicative of the relative citation relationships to that journal. The thickness of the chords connecting the arcs is demonstrative of the strength of citation relationship between the journals. You can also now download the Journal Relationships visualization. After the visualization loads, select the PDF download option. The PDF will download with the visualization and the relevant data table.

The Journal Relationships diagram includes several interactive features:

  • Hover over arcs to display the journal Impact Factor.
  • Hover over chords to display the citation relationship to the parent journal.
  • Click the title of any journal in the arc to go straight to that title's profile page.
  • Click the arc for any title to see that journal's relationship to the top twenty journals in the parent journal's network.