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Each journal covered in the Journal Citation Reports has a Journal Profile page providing a comprehensive overview of related information and Key Indicators, allowing users to see multiple years worth of data in a glance. Information  Information related to the journal's publisher, location, publication frequency, publisher, location and Open Access (OA) status, as well as other criteria relevant are presented at the top of the page beneath the title. 

Key Indicators

Key Indicators for each journal are displayed in the table that greets you on the Journal Profile. Many indicator values can be clicked, and a pop-up window will display the data from which that year's metric was calculated.  Additionally, visualizations are also accessible by clicking Graph for any indicator of your choosing. The graph will appear directly below the table. 

Also included on the Journal Profile page are:

  • Source Data- shows the number of citable items in the the JCR year. 
  • Rank - ranking information by year for each category in the JCR in which the journal is included as well as Essential Science Indicators information for Total Citations.
  • Cited Journal Data - also includes Journal Cited Half-Life information.
  • Citing Journal Data - also includes Journal Citing Half-Life information.
  • Box Plot - displays Impact Factor information in box plots for each Subject Category in which the journal is included. 
  • Ego Network - data visualization based around the journal which acts as the ego node in the network, and providing metrics for Journal Impact Factor and Market Share.

You can download information on the page by clicking  which enables you to analyze and share the data you're presently viewing outside of InCites. Selecting either XLS or CSV will provide download to your desktop the Key Indicators data table, where selecting PDF will produce a file with the journal information and the Source Data. 

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