Master Search

The Master Search page enables you to search for journal titles using the JCR abbreviated journal title, the full journal title,  ISSN or eISSN number. 

As you enter your search terms, you'll see a selection of suggested journal titles appear from which you might select to go directly to the Journal Profile or you can access the Master Search by clicking on the search icon .  

The Master Search page will display all journals that match the terms you've entered, displaying the Full Journal Title, JCR Abbreviated Title, ISSN, eISSN, Edition and JCR Coverage Years. For example, entering 'Critical Reviews in Bio' will return all results for journals whose titles start with that phrase. From the results you can click on the title of your choice to go directly to that journal's profile page. Clicking any of the hyperlinked years listed for a journal will take you to a ranked list of journals for the year selected.