JCR Data and Subscription Notifications

June 26, 2018

2018 JCR Data Release

This release of Journal Citation Reports provides 2017 data. The 2018 data will be made available in the 2019 Journal Citation Reports release.

What's new in JCR 2018 data?

  • Citations from materials index in the Book Citation Index are included in all citation metrics, including Journal Impact Factor.  
    • Science Edition: 
      • 59.5 million citations reported; 976,298 (1.6%) from Book Citation Index
      • 9.4 million citations in Journal Impact Factor numerators; 80,470 (0.9%) from Book Citation Index
    • Social Sciences Edition:
      • 7.09 million citations reported; 291,245 (4.1%) from Book Citation Index
      • 988,515 million citations in Journal Impact Factor numerators; 15,507 (2.3%) from Book Citation Index

Journals appearing in JCR

A complete list of the titles covered in this year's JCR is available here

A list of journals receiving their first Journal Impact Factor is available here