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What's New in Journal Citation Reports?

2015 JCR Release

This release of Journal Citation Reports provides 2014 data. The 2015 data will be made available in the 2016 Journal Citation Reports release.

Journals appearing in JCR

A complete list of the titles covered in this year's JCR is available at: http://about.jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com/full-titles-2015.pdf

A list of journals receiving their first Impact Factor is available at: http://about.jcr.incites.thomsonreuters.com/new-journals-2015.pdf

JCR Data Update (September 25, 2017)

After JCR data were published in June 2017, we were able to obtain materials whose absence had prevented journals from receiving a Journal Impact Factor, as well as to correct metrics for a small number of journals.  The 2016 JCR data (2017 release) are now complete and all updates have been fully incorporated into the product.

After 2016 JCR data were reloaded and finalized in September 2017, we became aware of a newly occurring and unanticipated cited work variant for Astronomical Journal, which caused a significant undercounting of citations. The following metrics include all citations associated with the new variant:


  • Total citations:                32263 
  • Journal Impact Factor:    3.773 
  • 5-year Impact Factor:      4.143 
  • Immediacy Index:            1.085

Expanded Metrics and New Features

  • Normalized Eigenfactor® is the Eigenfactor Score normalized, by rescaling the total number of journals in the JCR each year, so that the average journal has a score of 1. Journals can then be compared and influence measured by their score relative to 1. Available in both the Journal Rankings grid and on Journal Profile Pages.
  • Percentage of Articles in Citable Items gives information on what proportion of a journal’s citable items are Articles vs. Reviews. Available in both the Journal Rankings grid and on Journal Profile Pages.
  • Journal Impact Factor Percentile transforms the rank in category by Journal Impact Factor into a percentile, allowing more meaningful cross-category comparison.

New Features:

  • Open Access Filter and Badge - sort results by Open Access status and immediately identify Open Access journals by the badge on the Journal Profile page. 

  • New Data Downloads - On the journal profile page, users can elect to download the cited and citing data tables in CSV/XLS format. The Journal Relationships visualization is now downloadable in PDF format. 

  • Navigating Year-to-Year in the Journal Profle Page - view data that reflects the year of your choice by clicking the hyperlinked year in the Key Indicators table. 

  • Citable Items Document Page - now features the document type and allows filtering based on document type.