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These are the fields available for publication upload.  Note: The ResearcherID publication upload is based on the RS-XML format.

Field Name

Field Definition

Accession number 

This element is used for specifying the unique identifier for one of the ISI Web of Knowledge collections. It will be prefixed by the collection name.


Author of paper, can be multiple. Specified as individual parts of name, i.e. initials, suffix, last name, first name.


Publication Year.

Electronic resource number 

This element is used for specifying the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for the publication.


This field will be treated as the journal issue.


Pagination specified as either total number of pages, or a specific start and end date.

Reference Type 

The reference type specifies what type of publication it is.
Supported reference types
• Journal Article
• Patent
• Books
• Thesis
• Conference Proceedings
• Book Chapter
• Generic

Secondary Author 

Information about secondary authors


Title(s) for the publication being uploaded.


Volume information associated with publication

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