The getIncitesDatasetByDeptName operation submits a request for records that contain specified department name(s). The request must contain the mandatory request parameters


deptNameList is a complex type with one subelement, deptName. It enables you limit retrieval to records in which the address field contains any of the specified department names.






Department name

The department name must exactly match the department name as it appears in the dataset. For example, if the department name in the dataset is Department of Biosciences, then the element must be <deptName>Department of Biosciences</deptName> and not <deptName>Biosciences</deptName> or </deptName>Dept of Biosciences</deptName>.

To see a list of departments in your dataset:

  1. Log on to InCites.
  2. If your dataset is not selected, click My Datasets at the top of the page, and then select your dataset.
  3. From the Research Performance Profiles menu, select Create a Custom Report.
  4. Scroll down to the area where you select criteria for the report. Click Departments.
  5. The list of departments appears under the Browse List tab.
productInCites / ICWS
productInCites / ICWS
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