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Web of Science Profiles is the next generation in comprehensive research information management, including publication output reporting. The new, intuitive functionality of Web of Science Profiling Profiles will allow you to seamlessly understand research performance and output at the researcher, department and institution level, and perform your external and internal reporting and promotion and tenure workflows with real time views and CV generation of faculty activity and data—all while seamlessly integrating with the benchmarking and collaboration analytics of the InCites platform. 

This integrated experience has been designed to suit the needs at all levels of your organization. And, as your organization’s needs change and evolve, Web of Science Profiles grows with you—with options to easily enhance your ability to support the complete research lifecycle workflow with the full suite of Converis its capabilities. 

Web of Science Profiles offers:

  • Disambiguated people profiles, also aggregated at the unit and institution level—connecting publications to authors and institutions
  • Integration with InCites and Web of Science to reflect most current data across all applications while leveraging the analytics and benchmarking of the next generation of InCites
  • Out of the box implementation and easy start up, reducing administrative burden
  • External and internal reporting capabilities Bibliometric analysis and reporting
  • Researcher activity data model and CV generation
  • Level of faculty involvement is flexible, at discretion of institution

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