First Login As Authority

Initial Actions

After logging into Web of Science Profiles, you will be directed to your organization dashboard. 

  1. Click on Edit behind the name of your organization to complete the profile information of the organization.
  2. Note that the data is sectioned into tabs, Key Information and Contact Details. Take a look at the Contact Details tab and complete the entries you find there.
  3. When you have completed the record, click Save & Close at the bottom of the page. Set the status of the record to Active Organisation.

The record is now considered complete, and your changes will be reflected on the organization’s profile page. Details can still be added or updated whenever you like by clicking the Edit link next to your organization’s name on your dashboard or profile page. If you need to save the record but have not completed working on it, just click Save. In this case, you will not be asked to set the status of your record.

Review the information displayed on the dashboard. Click on View Profile. Review your organisation’s information – and if needed – the information of its organizational subunits. Is the information complete? If not, you can correct it by navigating to the menu item Organisations and correcting the record of the respective organizational unit.

Any items requiring your attention will be listed under Things to Do

Suggested Actions

Run a predefined report on the publications of your organization.

  1. Navigate to the menu item Publications and select Report from the top toolbar:
  2. Then select which items you would like to run the report on – we suggest using Report for all listed items to begin with.
  3. Then select the report you would like to run. "Publication Overview Metrics" will give you a view of the metrics of the publications. Publication List will create a list of the publications.
  4. On clicking Create report, the system will generate a PDF containing the selected report. Note that the Publication Overview Metrics is currently available in PDF format only.