Authority Users List View

The Authority Users List View is the main starting point for interacting with and managing the Authority Users in your Web of Science Profiles system. 

The list view shows each individual Authority User along with the following information:

Information displayed in the list view consists of:

  • Name of the User and their Active Status
  • Edit. Edit details related of the record. 

Above the list of Authority User, there is a tool bar that includes icons for bulk actions. These actions can be executed on several list entries at the same time.

In addition, a drop-down menu is available that allows you to set the ordering for the items you are reviewing. Select from the available options to change the order.

Please note: Bulk actions are dependent upon both user entitlements and record status. To perform a bulk action, first select one or more list entries on which you want to perform the action. Then, click the desired action icon.

Records in draft status without corresponding years will appear at the bottom of the list. 

Also included in the Authority Users List View are those Support Accounts that have been created and included in your system. More information on Support can be found here.