Add a Publication

Select Publication in the Add New Content drop-down menu. You can decide whether you want to create the publication manually, or import it. Importing can be done from Web of Science, or from a file such as BibTex. 

Create a Publication Manually

Manual creation is the default setting for adding publications to your account. Select the type of publication from the existing research output options.

Once you click on the desired publication type, a form will open, allowing you to add information related to the publication in the various tabs that appear at the top. 

Importing a Publication From Web of Science

To import publications from Web of Science, choose Import From – Web of Science on the first screen. If you have only one work affiliation saved to your profile, you will be taken straight to the import screen. However, if you have more than one work affiliation, select the affiliation you want to associate the imported publications with.

The import screen for Web of Science then displays the selected affiliation, and allows you to define search criteria.

The source Web of Science is already preselected, please keep this selection. Your name is already filled in, but if you have published under a different name in the past, you can modify it here. Alternatively, you can also search by ORCID ID.

Click the Search button to bring up results from Web of Science. This might take a moment.

  1. Once you retrieved your publications from Web of Science via the Search function, you may select some or all of them to validate.
  2. Press Confirm.
  3. Selecting all publications in the list is possible by activating the checkbox next to Publication Data in the table header.
  4. Again, press Confirm to confirm and import the selected publications:
  5. The imported publications are shown in the Import summary.
  6. The imported publications are now included in your publication list.

Note: You may have published in the context of several of your affiliations. In that case, you need to run the import steps for each affiliation.