What's New....

in Web of Science Profiles?

August 4, 2016

This update of Web of Science Profiles includes the following:

  • Web of Science Profiles now offers InCites analytics and reporting capabilities for department and faculty research assessment.

    Leverage InCites specifically for your institution, including two pre-built reports for assessing researchers and departments, and full access to the InCites explorers for customized benchmarking.

    Research administrators can update profiles and teams and generate updated reports in near real-time with the full suite of InCites bibliometric indicators. Learn more here.

July 14, 1016

This release of Web of Science Profiles includes the following:

  • Enhancements to the Confirm Linked Authors process that streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need to manually review records of co-authors on a publication whose affiliation is determined to be external to your organization. 
  • Additional options have been included for filtering on items in the List View. 

October 22, 2015

This release of Web of Science Profiles includes the following:

  • A Search feature as been added to the header in the Authority role, allowing you to search the various people, publications, organizations and other entities in the system.
  • A new tab has been added to Publication information, enabling you to upload full text of your publicaiton, as well as supply an external URL associated with the publicaiton and any notes you wish to include. 
  • The Author Affiliation level added in the Advanced Analytics module now allows you to show only those authors affiliated with a department or organizational subunit in your reports. 
  • Improved accessibility in line with WCA Guidlines 2.0, Level AA for special user groups, focusing on keyboard navigation. 
  • Automated Publication Importing from Web of Science, including an author disambiguation function.