Inbound Links

Total Calls: Each service call is counted as one event. The system displays the total number of times the service was called for a particular month.

Total Items Requested: Displays the total number of matched and unmatched items that are requested by the publisher, partner, or institution for a particular event. Each unique citation counts as one request. Because each service call can contain more than one item,each item in the request is individually counted. The total count matches the total number of citations (requests) that we receive from a publisher, partner, or institution.

Items Matched: Displays the total number of items that are matched. We run each request that we receive against our database and against your subscription entitlements. Each item for which a match is found and data is returned is counted as one match.

Items Not Matched: Displays the total number of items that are unmatched. Each item for which no match is found and no data is returned to you is counted as one not match.

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